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A proud little cow, one day Coco had had enough. Offering one farewell squeaky moo to her paddock, Coco hitched a ride on a passing toy truck and hasn't looked back. Texturally soft and so sweet to look at, Nana Hutchy's Coco is just so delightful and sure to be a friend for life. 

Sophie La Girafe Trio which includes baby's first toy in 100% natural rubber to stimulate all the senses, so Pure Teething Ring in 100% natural rubber - ideal to soothe painful gums, with multiple parts to chew (ears, horns, legs) and Sophie La Girafe key ring so Mummy can have her own Sophie the Giraffe. 

Lovie Weegoamigo Koala, the softest, sweetest friend, sure to never be let go and held closely from babyhood to toddlerdom. 

Three Little Bamboo Muslim Wraps, soft and smooth perfect for new-born baby's delicate skin. 

Nana Huchy Bunny Rattle in a choice of blue, pink or grey and the added option for even more cuteness is the Nana Huchy boy or girl honey bunny for an extra $25.


  • Nana Huchy Coco Cow 18.5cm to Top of Head 
  • Sophie La Girafe Trio - Baby's First Toy, Pure Teething Ring & Key Ring
  • Weegoamigo Colourplay Plush Lovie/Comforter Koala 30x23cm
  • Nana Huchy Bunny Rattle (Pink, Blue or Grey)
  • Little Bamboo Whisper Muslin Wraps x 3
  • Complimentary Chocolate coated Raspberries 150g
  • Custom made Hamptons inspired Gift Box, Ribbon and Gift Card
  • Delivery
  • ADD ON OPTION- Baby honey bunny boy or girl 20cm (Extra $25)