Ultimate Relax and Care Hamper

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There is nothing more enticing than the chance to indulge in some self-care. Along with our crazy busy lives and so much happening around the world, it is even more important than ever to stop and take a moment for ourselves. Equally important is to give someone special this gift of love and self-care. This luxurious hamper has everything needed for the ultimate in pampering one's self.

Indulge in decadence with these Marshmallow enriched beauties from the "MOR Boutique". Perfected with Peach, Mango, and Ginger extract and blended with nourishing Apricot and Hazelnut oils, the pampering body cleanser leaves skin silky-soft and sweetly scented. Follow up with body milk enriched with Shea Butter and blended with Sweet Almond, Soybean, and Macadamia oils, this luxurious lotion veils skin with a satin-like finish for a body that’s silky-soft and sweetly scented.

Designed to transport to a whimsical wonderland with its summery fragrance and peachy keen benefits. The Bellini sugar scrub from "Butt Naked" with olive oil, encourages the skin to reach its smooth and glowy potential. This teamed up with the dynamic duo glycolic acid & coconut shell to condition and moisturise.

A facial mask from "The Unnamed" is specially formulated to be both clarifying AND soothing. It gently exfoliates the skin & refines pores without being drying, harsh or irritating. 

The "Centered" for clarity and calmness oil roller from "Aurelia Alchemy" was crafted to help dissolve those overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression and the energies that are associated with them and to promote a sense of inner calm, trust, and confidence that can allow one to approach life’s challenges with clarity, calmness, and from their centre.

Like a warm hug for your eyes and mind, a self-warming "Lula" eye mask starts warming up the moment it is opened. Drift into a daydream as this mask remains at a comforting temperature and releases a subtle scent of Rose. 

Make sure to light your "Pina Colada" candle from "Maru and Lume" before you settle in for the big relaxation.

If all of these luxuriously beautiful products are not enough there is the option to add some much-loved bubbles, Champagne, or Sparkling. 

What's included in this Ultimate Self Care Gift Hamper

  • MOR Marshmallow Hand & Body Wash 100ml
  • MOR Marshmallow Hand & Body Milk 500ml
  • LULA self-warming Eye Mask (5 Pack)
  • BUTT Naked Bellini Sugar Body Scrub 250g
  • THE UNNAMED Clarifying and Calming Sheet Facial Mask
  • AURELIA ALCHEMY 10ml Centred 100% Organic virgin cold-pressed jojoba oil roller
  • MARU and LUME 100% Soy Candle Pina Colada
  • Complimentary Chocolate coated Raspberries 150g
  • Custom made Hamptons inspired Gift Box, Tissue Paper, Ribbon, and Gift Card
  • Delivery
  • ADD ON OPTION- Josef Chromy Tasmanian Sparkling (Extra $30) or Boxed Piper Heidsieck Champagne (Extra $65)